When You Are Dating Body Language Can Tell Your Secrets

By Yaroslav Shakula

In the world of dating, body language is very important. A wave of scientific research studies on psychology and communication have shown that when it comes to dating, body language can communicate more to a current or prospective romantic partner than words, facial expression, or vocal tone. Learning the art of body language reading can help you understand how singles flirt and how romantically committed couples display their feelings to each other. The more you know about dating body language, the more accurately you will be able to know what your partner is thinking and feeling. You may even discover that your own dating body language can clue you in to your own feelings in confusing situations.

A large part of the art of dating is learning to navigate the world of physical attraction. There are many ways to tell when you are attractive to somebody that you are dating, body language being one of the most accurate and easy to discern. The basics of body language reading on the subject of attraction are very simple, but if you are not in touch with the realities of dating body language you might miss some of the most classic tell-tale signs of attraction. The most obvious way to tell if you are attractive to someone is not by listening to what they say, but by watching how they behave. If you are talking to somebody and their torso is turned towards you, you probably have their full attention. If you notice that somebody?s chest is pointed towards you, they are probably paying attention to you even if their face is turned elsewhere, or they are speaking to or with somebody else.

Displaying an open chest to somebody is a sign of interest, which usually goes hand in hand with physical attraction when it comes to flirting or dating. Even from across a room, singles flirt by turning their bodies towards each other. This is a subtle way to let somebody know that you are interested on almost subconscious level, and it is a popular technique in bars and at parties because it is so subtle that it does not invite face to face rejection. If you notice that somebody is turned towards you for a long period of time, this may be a subtle invitation to strike up a conversation. This simple act of body language reading can help you determine who is a fruitful prospect, even among strangers.

Learning to read body language can be a great help when determining who is interested in you, or how to display your interest to somebody else. However, it is important to remember that just as no two people are exactly alike, no two people will send exactly the same physical signals of attraction. Reading body language can give you clues, but it can never tell you exactly what somebody is thinking or feeling.

The best way to use your knowledge of dating body language is to consider it a way to make an informed guess. Read somebody?s body language, then try following up on your hunch, but do not rely on body language alone as a way to tell what somebody is up to. Everybody?s signals are slightly different, but knowing about general trends in body language can help you figure out one possibility of what a romantic partner is trying to communicate.


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