Searching For Ms. Right Online

by David Chastain

Finally, after several failed match-ups in your online dates, you’ve met somebody that you think is the “Ms. Right” for you. She agreed to have a date with you. This is your chance to show “Ms. Right” that you are “Mr. Right” for her.

Here are some ways to guide you on your date to make her think you are the perfect one for her.

1. Take a Shower or Bath.

You want “Ms. Right” to see the best in you? Then don’t come unshaven, dirty-looking, and smelling. Women will instantly judge you based on your hygiene. After all, you wouldn’t want to see her looking dirty and unkempt would you?

2. Arrive on Time.

On your dates, especially on the first one with “Ms. Right”, do not ever come in late. Arriving late will send the wrong signals to her.

3. Give “Ms. Right” a Gift.

On your first date, bring her a gift that would speak well of your intentions. It would not show that you are generous, but she is special to you. But don’t go overboard. She might think that you are buying her love.

4. Prove that you are a Gentleman.

Be a gentleman. Open the doors for her. Pull her chair out when you are in a restaurant or café.

5. Compliment Her.

Give her compliments, but do not go overboard. She would sense if you are just bluffing. If she looks nice in that red dress, tell her. If she looks radiant and pretty on your date, tell her.

6. Make a Conversation with her.

Try to converse with her, but do not let yourself hog the conversation. Make an otherwise nervous and exciting situation into a lively one by chatting. Hear what she wanted to say.

8. Pay for your Bill.

It is just gentlemanly to pay for the date. However, if she insists that you guys go “dutch”, then do not qualm about it. To avoid an awkward situation, imply to her earlier that you are planning to pay for the date.

9. Follow-up Calls.

If you really think she is “Ms. Right” for you and you need to date with her again, say that you really intend in calling her soon. But, if you feel she is not the right one for you, don’t make promises of calling and not bothering to call her again.

Finding “Ms. Right” might be easy, but you have to show that you are “Mr. Right” for her. With these tips, you can never go wrong.

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