Do Women Judge You Based on Age?

By Dr. Dennis Neder
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Hey Dr Neder,

Lately I’ve been drawing the attention of several nice women that are older than me. In many cases, they are the ones flirting and asking ME out on dates and asking me for sex.

Attracting them seems easy enough. The problem is when I reveal my age to them. People usually can’t tell my age from looking at me.

When they find my age out, all the feelings they have for me vaporize into thin air because I’m so much younger than them. I don’t look that much younger but it’s hard to hide when they ask me!

And when they find out my age, they start acting like they’d feel strange if they went out with me or had sex with me whereas before they knew my age, they were asking ME out, offering to have sex with me, and they wanted to be with me. When they find out I’m in my twenties, a lot of them will immediately say, “Oh, you’re too young! It wouldn’t feel right!” and “You’ll find yourself a nice YOUNG woman one day” (meaning: it just wont be me!) or “I can’t believe I like you this much and you’re so young”.

Is there any solution to this type of situation? Some women go for younger guys, some will not. Sometimes, by mentioning what I have to offer they will stay but often they wont. Is there any way to keep them from discovering my age, or should I just accept it as HER LOSS and move on to the next woman?

Thanks Doctor!



Unfortunately, many women are “ageists”, just like they claim some men are sexists, (believe me, I know about that!) The fact is that men actually get more attractive to women as they get older. In effect your “dating stock” goes up. Of course, that is just the opposite for women – as they get older their dating stock goes down. Neither situation is fair, but it exists nonetheless.

The reason for this is that as men age they usually gain many of the things that women look for: power, money, confidence, experience and status. Interestingly, as women age they often lose many of the things that men look for: looks, youthfulness, and the lack of baggage.

So, the question is, how do you handle this? Simple: lie!

Well, don’t lie outright. Instead do this: when a woman asks you how old you are say, “Well, how old do you think I am?” They’ll get into the game and say, “Let see, I think you’re about …” No matter what they say, you can say, “Hey, that’s pretty good! Now, what’s your age?”

You see, you didn’t tell them your actual age, (unless she guessed it right) and you’ve effectively changed the focus from you to her. Now, go get some tail, you scoundrel!

Dr. Dennis Neder

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