How To Know When A Woman Is Interested

By Dr. Dennis Neder
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Dear Dr Neder,


When I’m talking to a woman, how do I know if she likes me or not? Often my friends will say that a woman seemed to like me, but I just don’t see it.

Can you help me?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a red flag on a woman’s ass or something that went up the moment she became interested in you? It’d sure be easier! In fact, women actually try to hide this fact from you! It was recently discovered that women use all sorts of verbal techniques in order to get men to show their hands while keeping themselves from doing so! I talk much more about this, and the items below in my new book, due out next year.

With that said however, that doesn’t mean that you can’t know when a woman is interested in you. However, it’s about a thousand little clues rather than one big obvious one. So, let’s look at some of the things you’ll want to look for:

Eye contact – this is the most important first step. If you get multiple eye connections with a woman (3-4 is ideal), get your ass over there and say “hello”!

Touching – when a woman feels comfortable with you, she will place a hand on your arm or “accidentally” brush up against you with any other part of her body.

Leaning in toward you – someone that is interested in you will lean toward you either with her entire body or even just her head.

Use an open posture – an “open posture” means that her arms are uncrossed. Some believe that her legs will also be uncrossed and that may happen, but today, most women still cross their legs when interested. Just notice if she’s crossed them toward you rather than away.

Talks to you in “full face” – that is, she is facing directly toward you either with her shoulders square or her face directly at you.

Attention – she gives you her full attention; it’s not divided between your talking and her scanning the room.

You get digits – I believe that you should “close” with every woman you approach. That doesn’t mean that you’ll succeed every time, but so what? You’ll get good practice instead, and you’ll find that you actually get phone numbers, email addresses and more if you just ask!

There are a thousand other subtle clues that you want to watch for and many of them are specific to your part of the world! You might want to ask your buddies why they think any particular woman is interested in you, and what signs they are using to determine that.

Dr. Dennis Neder

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