Dating Tips

  • Ten ways to get the most out of Online Dating by Suzy Allen
    Online dating is now more popular than ever with more and more singles from all over the world choosing to search for love on the Internet. Dating online is a fun, effective way to meet new people, make friends and form new relationships. If you’re new to the concept, though, the experience can be a bit daunting at first. Here are 10 handy tips to help you make the most out of the online dating world.
  • Should You Take a Break From Web Site Dating Services? by Bonny Albo
    Have you met a lot of people from one or two dating web sites recently? Are you feeling a bit out of sorts, burned out, or just generally unhappy with the results?
  • How to Write a Successful Personal Ad?
    How to write a personal ad that can shine. How to leave your competitors behind…
  • Holiday Hair and Make-up!
    As the holiday’s approach, everyone is busy making plans to celebrate the yuletide with friends and family. This holiday season, make sure you look your best!
  • When You Are Dating Body Language Can Tell Your Secrets
    In the world of dating, body language can be a more reliable way to tell what somebody is thinking and feeling than what they say. Singles flirt through body language, so learning a bit about body language reading can help you tell who is romantically in
  • The Hottest Trend In Dating: Speed Dating
    Let’s start by explaining what is it exactly Speed Dating. This can be arranged individually or by an organization as a Speed Dating Party with many people. The principle is the same, You participate in a fast round of short (few minutes per date) but with as many as 25 partners per session. This Fast Dating method is quiet efficient and rewarding alike.

    Usually in few minutes, sometimes only three minutes you get to see your potential date, get a short impression from his…
  • How To Overcome Your Shyness With Women
    Don’t worry about. Many men are shy with women. Some don’t really get over it, but the good news is, most men do. Its just about self-confidence. Most men are shy because they fear rejection. Being rejected or turn away can be quite an embarrassing situation, but if you handle it right there’s nothing to it. This is a very normal reaction, but if you never take the risk, you risk losing the woman who might very well be the right one for you. Shyness shouldn’t hold you back.
  • Searching For Ms. Right Online
    Finally, after several failed match-ups in your online dates, you’ve met somebody that you think is the “Ms. Right” for you. She agreed to have a date with you. This is your chance to show “Ms. Right” that you are “Mr. Right” for her.

    Here are some ways to guide you on your date to make her think you are the perfect one for her.

    1. Take a Shower or Bath.

    You want “Ms. Right” to see the best in you? Then don’t come unshaven, dirty-looking, and smelling. Women will i…
  • First Date Success – It’s All In The Preparation
    Dating can be stressful but first dates can be particularly painful and nerve wrecking. Follow my simple tips to getting ready for a date and before you know it you’ll be breezing through first dates with you’re only concern being what to wear on your second date.

    1. Don’t stress!

    First of all, try not to stress yourself out. Tell yourself, it’s only a date and if it doesn’t work out, so what?

    2. Easy on the wedding plans

    You may laugh but don’t start planning …
  • Effective And Useful Tips For A Romantic Date
    Romance should be a key part of every relationship. It helps deepen your intimacy towards each other and helping you to fall in love with your mate. As a consequence, planning for a date should be romantic also. Much debate has gone on and continues nowadays about what is a romantic date, and what really is romantic date, for every one views romance differently. The differences not only exist between men and women, but each woman and each man also has their own idea about wha…
  • First Date Etiquette: Do’s And Don’ts
    Whether you admit it or not, any single men and women tend to find a partner, and mostly they find it on a date. But dating can be tough and first date is tougher. So what should you do? Simple, just arm yourself with good first date etiquette. Here are the dos and don’ts and proper first date etiquette:

    When you go out on a date especially if it is first date, groom yourself properly before you go out. Wear comfortable, clean, and good clothes. Clean your toenails and fin…
  • First Date Ideas
    Asking a person out can be stressful enough but once you’ve found someone to agree to going on a date with you, you may find yourself under the immense pressure of planning a first date.
  • Men’s Killer Online Dating Profile Tip!
    Online dating tips and advice for men.
  • Love is in the Air
    Well, here we are in February and many people are celebrating St. Valentines. It is a good time to think about love and relationships to put a bit of warmth in our lives after a long winter.

    Today, I would like to look at what love is. The English language only has one word for love and it is used interchangeably for almost everything. We can say I love my husband and I love Chocolate.
  • Online Dating: 12 Steps To Get Noticed And Get A Date Online
    If you want to achieve success with online dating, you will need to educate yourself with the online dating scene. Online dating sites provide a service for people to meet but a dating site can only do so much of the work and input is required from you if you are serious about meeting a partner online.

    Whilst thousands of people are joining dating sites every day, hundreds are not making the most of the services a dating site has to offer. I’m no psychic but I’m pretty cer…
  • Julie’s 15 Dating Tips On Creating And Maintaining Love Connections
    1. Visualize and “act as if” each person you meet really “gets you” – in other words, really understands you.

    2. Make a decision to make each person you meet feel really comfortable. This will alleviate any nervousness you’re feeling. Think of yourself as a gracious, charming host/hostess wherever you are.

    3. For the next 30 days concentrate on really liking the opposite sex – thinking of each one as a safe ally.

    4. Become your own best cheerleader and your own be…
  • Dating A Professional Single
    At one time or another and maybe in some people’s cases all the time we’ve dreamed about dating a rich guy or gal. You know the successful lawyer or doctor or the on the edge entrepreneur.
  • Why Women Like Bad Boys
    Why are most women attracted to those motorcycle types, dirty and grungy looking Lotharios that their mothers and fathers have told them to not be involved in?

    Is it because of these men’s inherently good looks, scorching bad boy quality? Or is it a simple case of bad psychology: that women really do not know what’s good for them?
    Believe it or not, there is a certain aura that bad boys exude that some women do find hopelessly irresistible.

    It is so good to be bad. Or…