Secrets To Online Dating

by Cliff Monterey
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Cosmopolitan, one of the largest women’s magazines in the world, recently revealed that over 80% of U.S. women have tried online dating.

Now look what Cosmo wrote (aimed at women) in “Cosmo’s Guide to Online Dating”:

“If you think the online dating arena is a bastion of socially inept people who can’t master bar-scene trolling, check your watch — Internet dating has actually become cool. ‘Since the ’90s dot-com boom, more people are comfortable on the Web,’ says Jane Rinzler Buckingham, president of trend-tracking agency Youth Intelligence and a Cosmo contributing editor. ‘If we use it to find airline tickets and jobs, why not love?’ Plus, it’s efficient. ‘You can instantly get the lowdown on dozens of men,’ says Hannah*, 27, who has used her keyboard to connect with several guys.

Everyone is doing it — because it works. Nearly 18 million people visited personals sites in January 2001, according to Internet tracking firm Jupiter Media Metrix. Date.com averages one marriage per week between people who met on its site.”

So, considering that 80% of women in the U.S. have tried online dating, you can only imagine how many are actively looking right now. Between 50 and 60 million women (in America) at any given time are using online personals to meet men.

Why aren’t they meeting you?

It’s easy to do a search and find women that are looking for dates who live in your community. The secret is getting women to actually follow through on the email you send. A basic, friendly greeting is generally enough to get a woman to write back to you. Generally, a woman will request a photo if you don’t include one in your initial email. So, take the time to get a few good photos taken, looking your best, with a bright charming smile. Backdrops can have an amazing effect… A picture of you taken in downtown New York City, beside the Grand Canyon, skiing / snowboarding at a famous resort (think Aspen or Whistler, you get the idea). Photos such as these can have a very seductive effect. And if you don’t have any, go buy a cheap disposable camera, drive to a few local attractions in your area, and offer people passing by $5 to take your picture… Before you know it, you’ll have plenty of photos to choose from, selecting the best to use for online dating.

It goes with the old saying that a picture says a thousand words. You want your pictures to say, you like a little adventure, you have class, and that you also like to have fun. You’re well traveled. You’re exciting. You’re intriguing.

Now that you have these photos saying these things about you, you don’t have to. Instead, you can focus on the women you meet (online), asking them questions, showing interest in them. You don’t need to brag. You don’t need to boast. In fact, you don’t need to say much about yourself, thereby letting women become attracted to you by the element of mystery you are creating. Offline, women will see your pictures in their minds, and with every email you exchange, become that much more hooked on the idea of meeting you.

There are so many people from all walks of life that their is a very high probability that there is a perfect match for you (or perfect matches, meaning you may click with dozens of women you meet online). So you don’t have to lie in your ad. But do play up your strong points (with your photos / emails), while ignoring any weak points you may be working on improving presently. It’s been said in politics that, if one emphasizes strengths, hides weaknesses, and knows how to find the needs and weaknesses in others, one is certain of success.

The final key to online dating, is to keep in mind that women are there specifically to meet you. This isn’t a guessing game, as it often seems in real life. So be patient, and at the same time, approach this as a numbers game. Before you know it, you can easily be dating a dozen women or so simultaneously. If you’re looking for a long term relationship, decide on the woman (out of the many you start dating) that you’re most attracted to, and who holds the most promise. She’s the one you keep.

Now you know how to win at the game of online dating with sites like Date.com.

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