How to Kiss And Be Sensational

By Grant Day
Copyright © 2005, Seduction Insider. All Rights Reserved.

The Art of Kissing

“A Man’s Kiss Is His Signature” – Mae West

1. Control your saliva! No woman likes to really be drooled on. The only time you want and need a little of your own juice is at the beginning of going down on a girl and she needs help getting things lubricated.

2. Keep your lips in good shape. Rough, dry, chapped lips are no fun to kiss. Break out the lip balm and use it.

3. Consider her when you decide to skip shaving. I have it on good authority razor stubble scratches, itches, and rubs a woman’s more sensitive skin raw (and no, I’m not just talking about her face) so think about that when you’re being too lazy to scrape your face for a date.

4. You hear it every day but I’ll say it again, the fresher your breath the better.

5. What worked in your early years doesn’t necessarily work now. Keep learning, keep growing, and keep trying something new. A lazy kisser is going to end up a lonely kisser.

6. The correct lip tension for kissing is quite an art. Too loose and you feel lazy and uninterested, too tight and you feel mean and tense.

7. Don’t surprise a new woman with a kiss of overwhelming force and passion. It works in the movies because it’s in the script, for you at home it may come across as attempted date rape. Far too many times women tell me of the shock and awe (not in a good way) inspired by a man’s hundred mile an hour approach to the first kiss. It usually leaves the woman longing for the closest exit. Yes, you may be burning with desire for her but you’ve got to slowly and carefully get her libido up to the same speed as yours.

8. Kissing isn’t just for the lips. Anywhere a woman is particularly sensitive she likes to be kissed. When was the last time you kissed the nape of her neck, her wrist, the underside of her breast or between them, her ears, her stomach, the back of her knee…

9. Don’t try and figure out how sensitive her gag reflex is with your tongue while French kissing! The goal is to enjoy yourselves, not see how far down the back of her throat you can get your tongue.

10. Mix it up. Kissing in the same way for prolonged periods of time can get really boring. This isn’t a marathon for how long you can keep your tongue in her mouth. Mix up the long deep kisses with short soft ones on her forehead, her cheek, and her neck…and of course back to her lips.

11. Learn from the acting pros and don’t forget your hands. Ever wonder why women still swoon at the mention of Richard Gere’s name? The man is an ace kisser, he puts his whole body into it, and he uses his hands to coddle and caress a woman’s face, he run his hands through her hair, and leans into her with his hips. Ever watched Bull Durham? Check out Kevin Costner’s lip action (no, you don’t have to tell anyone, do your own private research man). In last year’s Cold Mountain Jude Law gives Nicole Kidman such a dazzling kiss as he runs off to war that she literally goes weak in the knees. That’s the kind of kissing action I’m talking about.

12. Don’t work too hard. Kissing is for fun and pleasure, if you’re breaking a sweat from effort (not from chemistry) you’re working too hard. Sit back, relax and let her come to you at times…don’t always be chasing her with your tongue and your hands. Learn to give and take. See what she can teach you.

13. Don’t go frenching her ears unless you know for a fact she loves it. Some women adore big wet kisses in their soundboards, but too many others HATE it. Don’t ruin a great mood by doing something that will gross her out.

14. Do tug gently on her earlobes with your teeth (again gently) when you kiss her neck and while you’re at it why not whisper a compliment or wicked suggestion?

15. Be brave enough to ask for pointers when getting to know a new woman. Remember kissing is a matter of personal taste, what one woman likes isn’t going to always work for another, but if you hear a particular suggestion more than once you know it’s something you’ve got to work on.

16. Smell good. Women have a very keen sense of smell and love a man who smells good. Don’t use so much after shave or cologne she can smell you coming before you arrive, use just enough that she can only get a whiff of it when you step in close for a hug or kiss.

17. Women love to kiss. If you’re with a woman who doesn’t like to kiss (and yes, I’ve heard of it) and it really seems to be just the act of kissing she doesn’t like (not your technique) it may be fare warning that she’s not going to like to do other physical things with you either. There are far too many beautiful women out there who love to kiss (as well as do other things) so why waste your time?

18. Kissing isn’t something you bide your time with on the way to something else (sex), it’s an art within itself. Master the art of kissing, enjoy the art of kissing, and everything else will come along more easily than you ever imagined possible. Why? Because women enjoy both kissing and sex more when they don’t feel like they’re just the goalkeeper and you’re only there to make the winning goal.

19. Leave her wanting more. Don’t kiss her so much that her lips are raw and her face aches – leave her wanting more of you, not less (especially in the beginning).