Where To Meet Single Men

By Grant Day
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If you’re wondering where to meet single men, mix it up.

If your current idea of a social life is spending your evenings on the couch drooling over the men of the WB you have absolutely no reason to complain about your lack of a real live man. Oh sure, by all means, go ahead and meet men on the Internet from the comfort and safety of your living room. Just remember that sooner or later you’ve got to get out and meet men in person if you want to have a real love life. Better to get out and about now and practice those social and flirting skills so you’ll be primed and ready when a great guy catches your eye.

But don’t drag yourself to nightclubs and singles bars if that’s not your scene. Great single men aren’t only at pick up joints. There are all kinds of social activities outside of the “single scene” where you can find single men – but in order to do so you need to get actively social.

Sinlge Older Men / Single Younger Men

The older woman younger/man thing isn’t a totally new trend made up by Demi and Ashton – Cher’s been doing it since she left Sonny. And there’s a very good reason for it. Men still don’t live as long as women. The gap is narrowing, but according to the U.S. Census the older people get, the fewer men there are to women of the same age. If you’re currently in your mid to late thirties and up, and just aren’t meeting any men who bring a sparkle to your eye, consider resetting your age requirements down.

I’m not just talking about a fling either (though that can be hot). For some reason as we age we tend to not give the benefit of the doubt to those even as little as five years younger than we are. There are plenty of men in their late twenties and early thirties (and up) who want to meet that special someone and settle down. No, they might not make as much money as you yet (if you’re going to date younger men you’re going to have to be okay with that), but that doesn’t mean they aren’t serious, steady, responsible individuals either. And don’t be so that you’re not a great possibility for them if you’re out of the baby producing years. There are plenty of younger single men who either have children already or just don’t want to ad to the population of the planet.

Meet Single Men At Live Music Events

Unless we’re talking Clay Aiken or Barry Manilow there are usually throngs of single men at live music events. So whether you’re mad for U2, or KISS, or the blues, start checking out the live music events in your town. Yes, I know concert tickets for top of the line bands are incredibly expensive these days, but unless you live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, I’m willing to bet there are some great small and medium live music clubs in your city.

Once you find an up and coming local band you really like, make sure to check out their gigs regularly. Remember, the men attending these gigs (unless they’re a regular fixture at the club’s bar) are there to see the band, and aren’t setting out for the evening to hook up (though of course this is always brewing in the back of a single guy’s mind). Also, many men are very shy (yes, even the hot ones), so it may take a couple of times of seeing each other at a gig for him to come over and talk to you after you’ve done your best to catch his eye.

Get Into Sports – This Is A Great Way To Meet Single Men

No I don’t mean Monday night football (but it couldn’t hurt). I mean get physically active yourself – especially if you want a hot guy with ripped abs. There’s no better place to meet single men than on the water, on the slopes, or on the trails (hiking or biking, or even on a horse). No matter what physical activity you enjoy there are great single men who like to do the very same thing, so get out and go!

But what if you don’t know how to do any of these activities? Fortunately we live in a great country with all kinds of great places to learn – with many single men doing the teaching (and single men shopping at them to get more gear). How sweet is that? Whether you want to hike to the top of Mt. Wilson, or just sail around your local bay area, there are lessons available where there’s a very good chance the teacher may be a single guy, or they’ll be single guys in the class looking to learn as well. And once you start to get out on your own and practice your new activity, there’s nothing single men like more than being of assistance and teaching women about something the man knows more about.

Become Famous – Let Single Men Find You

No, I don’t mean Oprah like fame, or even becoming an actress. But think about it, anything you do to increase your profile out there in the world increases the pool of men you can attract. And nothing increases the amount of people who know of your existence than a little press (a lot is even better). And nothing gets you more press like prior press.

So the question is, what makes you stand out from the crowd? What are you good at? Do you run a clothing store that gives great tips for dressing better? Are you working to improve something about your hometown? Do you have an amazing green thumb and have tips to help the rest of us from killing the plants we own. Do you organize a local charity event? Do you decorate the most amazing Christmas tree ever? If you sit down and think about it there’s either something you do already, or something you dream about doing in the future that’s news worthy.

But here’s the secret most people don’t realize – in most cases the press doesn’t “discover” you, you find the press. That’s right, most stories you see on your local nightly news, or in your local paper, were ideas sent to that media outlet via a press release. And a press release is very simple and easy to create. In a nutshell it’s a fax or an email that tells the correct contact (meaning the person at the T.V. station or newspaper who handles this kind of news) the who, what, where, why, and how of you or your event – basically why your newsworthy.

If you’re really good at something, and like to write, you might see if your local paper is interested in having you as a columnist on that topic. They may not pay you in the beginning, but what you’re looking for is exposure, and the great thing is that a column will bring you new clients while it’s making you well known person at the same time. And being a well known person means that suddenly you’re being invited to events and parties you never knew about before – and guess what? Yep, they’ll be great single men there who will probably know who you are, and are looking forward to getting to know you better.